Our company was established in 1914 as puncture repair material manufacture for bicycles aiming to efficiently utilize limited natural resources. As motorization emerged, we expanded our company and produced tire repair materials covering motorcycles, passenger cars, trucks, buses and heavy-construction equipments. We designed and developed production equipments, and we created consistent system for producing tire repair materials using raw material. As a result, we are only one manufacture of tire repair material in Japan. Our products have been popular and utilized in Japanese market and also exported to more than 60 counties.

Maruni Industry Co., Ltd.
President Suguru Asano

Management Principles

Natural resources are limited, which is to be efficiently utilized for future generations and Earth.
The feature of our products is to be able to renovate big products. We aim to contribute societies by providing our valuable products and make quality life of our employees come true.

Company Creed

We, employees of Maruni Industry Co., Ltd. value on sincerity, health and manner, and do our best to complete assigned responsibility and improve our dignity.

About Maruni

Company Name Maruni Industry Co., Ltd.
Maruni industry Co., Ltd
Location 3-11-1, Shariji, Ikuno-ku, Osaka, 544-0022, Japan

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Phone 81-6-6716-4171
FAX 81-6-6715-1700
President Suguru Asano
Foundation/ Establishment Foundation 1914
Establishment 1948
Capital 45 million yen
Office Land 1,530m2 Building 2,160m2
Delivery Center Land 937m2 Building 2,473m2
Employees 50
Bank The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ,Ltd. , Ikuno and Imazato branches.
Resona Bank, Limited, Ikuno Branch


1914 Shigematsu Nishioka founded to sell rubber in Osaka city.
1933 Iwao Nishioka created his own business and started to sell tires and tubes for bicycles.
1948 Established Maruni Industry Co., Ltd. manufactured and sold rubber cements as "Earth" brand.
1956 Developed patches for tube repair in place of the old method "Using wasted tube".
1960 Production and technical department contributed implementation of mass production.
50% of production were exported to overseas and commendation of Japanese minister as contributed company of export was awarded for years.
Also, in the tax field, awarded as "quality company" for years.
1973 Advanced equipments and machines in factory, and successfully developed "Earth Stick", which was "Bullet shape" repair material used from outside of tires for the first time in the world.
And started to enter in automobile tire field.
1976 Developed "Earth "conveyor patches for big size conveyor belt for quarry and received good reputation all over Japan.
At the same time, developed and produced "Earth" hammer-ball which protects filters' from clogging, and enter in quarry field.
1980 Kiyoshi Nishioka became the president of the company.
1983 Promoted automation in factory and established mass production system. Chemicals Evaluation and Research Institute, Japan provided us "usage of certificate" since we passed strict standards for quality, technique and equipment.
1987 Entered in tire repair for big truck and heavy-construction-equipment. Established credibility as only one manufacture of tire repair material of tires, tubes and conveyor belts in Japan.
1998 Marked our 50th anniversary and started to build warehouse & build delivery center, which was completed in 1999.
2002 Started to operate Chinese factory in Shantou, Guangdong province.
2008 Marked our 60th anniversary.
2011 Acquired certification of ISO 9001:2008
2012 Takashi Sunamura became the president of the company.
2015 Suguru Asano became the president of the company.
Dissolved joint venture company in Shantou, China.
Started to produce all tire repair materials in Japanese factory.

ISO Information

Scope of ISO 9001 Information

Registration Company Maruni Industry Co., Ltd.
Certificate Name ISO 9001:2015
Scope of The Registration Design, manufacture and sale of repair materials
(rubber products, adhesives, chemical products, and the like for vehicles including bicycles and conveyers, and sale of repair tools and equipment)
Registration Agency Intertek Certification Ltd
Certificate Number 07362
Original Issue Date 7 July 2011
Quality Management Policy 1. Understand customer needs adequately and supply excellent quality products that meet customer satisfaction properly.
2. Establish quality management system that meets customer demand, and address continuous improvement of our system procedures.
3. Set and implement annual quality objectives in order to achieve this policy.
Certificate Certificate
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